Missing Memories? Lost time?

You have lost all Trust in people?


Scared and Afraid all of the time?

The system Failed You?

Afraid to be in your own skin?

Family and Friends have Abandoned You?

Feel like you are alone in this?

Afraid to be in your own skin? Anxious all of the time, Can't sleep through the night? Family or friends abandoning you? The "system" has failed you and won't do anything? 

Sadly 1 in 5 women & 1 in 20 boys will have suffered abuse, rape, assault, or some form of molestation before they reach 21 years of age.

Childhood Trauma is a lens that filters everything you think and do for the rest of your life. Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to go back in time and address the injury where and when it occurred. To Cut its hold on you here and now.


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Trauma colors the way we see and feel about the world around us.


Those events in our lives create such emotional damage that we unwittingly carry them forward into our present and on to the future, each day reliving the damage, going through it again and again.

There IS HOPE, there absolutely is hope, you CAN take back your power, your confidence, your strength.


Haven't you suffered enough?

Hypnosis is very effective in helping you cut the chain that holds you to the past, to give you the power to take your life back, to take the hurt and firmly leave it in the past where it belongs.

We hear it all of the time, "I have tried everything else, and you are my last hope" Drugs, Psych specialists, therapists and councilors...

Please, Take the time to book a free consultation with us. You Do Not have to live through this any longer. Let us help build your solution today.

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There is HOPE for You

Problem, Meet Solution!

Hypnosis, easy as 1, 2, 3!


It really is incredibly amazingly effective; it's as if a miracle occurs before your very eyes. It Really does work!



Nearly instant change is possible when you use hypnosis to empower yourself. Everyone can be hypnotized, even You.


I know the struggle is real, Hypnosis can and does give you the control to succeed in the changes you want to make. Take the desire for change to where it will do you the best,

I will help you, make the most effective and powerful changes of your life.

#cargillgrouphypnosis #hypnosis #hypnosistherapy #rape #abuse #assualt #trauma #sexual #sexualassault #hope #healing #survivior #sa #ptsd #anxiety #depression #nightmares

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